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Irish Artist Group

August 19th, 2019

Irish Artist Group

Hello, I thought setting up an Irish Artist group would be a good idea, why? Well, we are on wouldn't it be good to see all the Irish Artists on there-having a chat about how we are getting on-see what we have to say for ourselves, if anything. Maybe organise an exhibition of Irish Art in America.Nice.

I'm talking artists from Ireland who live here but use the FAA as their agent-it would be interesting to see the difference in approach and style and story if any from American artists.
We do have a bit of a grá for a story. There is not one Irish Artist that doesn't have an Angela's Ashes type profile-even in this day and age of plenty-we are great at the raméis.
How do Irish Artists get on on FAA ?
Have you sold much art?
How do you brand yourself-is there a particular niche for Irish art.

I have to say FAA offer a fantastic service for all artists and it is very,very reasonable to have a premium service only $30.
I mean where would you be going-getting a website, an I know as I have set up many a site, it would cost minimum- rock bottom including design $200 using WordPress.
They set you up with your own sitename .pixel and if you want to link it to your own name you can.
Are there any Irish Artists who use the FAA as their official website?
Do you know that FAA offer this service?
Let me know.
Send me your link to your Irish Art site using FAA.
Let's keep in touch Irish Artists join the group.
Slán go fóill

When you sense the path is opening before you

April 18th, 2019

When you sense the path is opening before you

Little things you take no notice of can be the hint -turn this way- that your ignore: usually to your detriment. And then you get a second chance. One was the massive explosion and he entered -two was an email.
You really can't make much sense out of the twists and turns that make up life. You imagine- you think- you believe then fate comes along. Fate an emerging construct that was inside there- inside you- all along it just needed an opportunity to expose itself.
When it does the mind looks with askance- the body fights it- this can't be a rational logical notion to pursue.
Keep your head down let's think.
Ahh thinking=the holding station. Nothing moves in here. It's all stalled and backed up. Everything gets crammed and stultified and weary. Then all is forgotten.
How many times has life-fate-the universe pressented the things best for you.
What did you do?
Did you follow the path straight and narrow or the crooked one?

So, the Time is Fine Art America Past 9-Hurry up Let's go

April 13th, 2019

So, the Time is Fine Art America Past 9-Hurry up Let's go

Fine Art America who'd have thought. Everything you'd want to make with your art under one all-encompassing metaphorical roof. Keep your art or sell the original. Have images printed on any shape or form.

You don't have to leave the house Fine Art America will do the work and more. They will even set up a website for you- set up a blog- do your marketing- emailing-pdf's- Facebook page- stats-the lot.

I don't know if it's too good to true -we all know that adage-maybe that was then this is now. Share the world.

Gone are the begrudgers who use art as pomp and ceremony as a marketing tool with elaborate words and descriptions and over the top bio's.

Art is for all and it appears the Fine Art America Crew are making it happen for everyone- artist-galleryist-purchaser

The only thing left is for the creative to get going and create in any form they like.

Then upload the work.

Name it

Describe it.

Tag it.

Categorise it.

Gallerise it.

Submit it.


This part I will admit is the hard-laborious bit. It takes time and patience. Application and dedication. Focus and organisation. Its endurance ending in pleasure. I only recognised how brilliant Fine Art America was this week.

I’m a suspect type and don't believe anyone or anybody will do anything for me without a price to pay or some agenda or someone wanting something -some kick back.

Not the case here.

Thank You.

When you know his magic

April 12th, 2019

When you know his magic

Blue has a context all of its own, I am blue, the sky is blue, feeling blue how do you actually feel blue.The colour itself is beautiful. So many variations and when mixed with other hues of itself it becomes more aligned with true beauty.
How it changes mixed with primary colours or white or black.
Let's give blue a chance.
Forget it and the blues unless you're jammin.
Is it in your veins or your brains. How did we ever come to put blue into the arena of mood.
Do you feel blue when you see blue.
Not I!

April 5th, 2019

This is a post about what I am working/playing with/composing with today and for last few days.